Veterinary home visits have some benefits for you and your pet:



    • Your pet is not exposed to transport stress or a long waiting time in the Vet hospital or Animal practice.

    • Your animal is in its usual environment. This also means that it is more relaxed there and shows its more natural or usual behavior. This can be very important for the better and faster recognition of illnesses.

    • Older patients or those who have problems walking will enjoy a lot the benefits of home visits.

    • For the owner, a home visit means less time spent, since the drive to the Vet hospital or practice and the waiting time is eliminated.

    • The risk of your pet becoming infected with an infectious disease is limited or absent during home visits. Of course, all veterinary clinics and practices try to avoid this risk, but there are pet owners, who don´t know that their animals suffer from an infectious disease and so it happens that they spend some time in the waiting room together with the other waiting animals.